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Karp is pleased to introduce our new MX Insulated Exterior Access Door that is engineered to withstand year of exposure to severe outdoor elements. This high-quality, galvanized steel door comes with a galvanized hinge. The combination of these components with Karp's electrostatic rust-inhibitive powder finish provides two durable protective layers.

To further weatherproof the door, Karp arc-welds and grounds smooth the corners of the trim and pan, which with the addition of closed-cell neoprene gasket and a Lift & Turn Compression Latch, ensures a watertight seal between the door and frame.

Finally, the door includes Styrofoam insulation that provides exceptional resistance to water and water vapor. All of these protective measures guarantee the MX Insulated Access Door's long-term performance even in the most severe moisture conditons.

The MX Insulated Access Door is available in standard 12"x12", 18"x18", 24"x24", 30"x22", 30"x30", 36"x24" and 36"x36" sizes, as well as custom sizes as specified.

Now available with an expansion casing bead with galvanized lath providing a neat, tight, protected finish between frame and plaster, while furnishing added plaster reinforcement.

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