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About Us

Karp’s Environmental Concern

Karp believes we all share the responsibility for our environment. So we’ve made choices which not only affect profit but, more importantly, our impact on the future of our planet. Karp’s shipping cartons are made of recycled corrugate, catalogs and unused printed material are donated yearly to a community recycling facility, and Karp’s new paint system is approved by the EPA.

Karp’s customized electrostatic powder paint system provides customers with a high quality, durable finish, with a much higher resistance to corrosion. Also, Karp’s powder contains no damaging solvents and therefore no toxic fumes are emitted into the atmosphere.┬áIn this way, Karp ensures continuous high quality product, without sacrificing our commitment to the environment. Last, but not least, Karp manufactures 100% of its products in the United States.

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Karp’s Robotics Department boasts of three robotic systems called “cells”. Each “cell” produces doors at a rate of 400 to 500 percent faster than humans. Indeed, over 75 percent of all Karp doors are produced in Karp’s Robotics Department.

For Karp dealers this means customers get the best quality door with the quickest availability. It also provides Karp with the ability to maintain a complete stock at all times of almost every door available. And if out of stock, doors can be produced and shipped within 72 hours.


During the late fifties and early sixties, the manufacture and sale of access doors was a “job shop” effort. In the late sixties Karp’s President, Burt Gold, recognized the need to automate and expand the production of access doors for more diverse applications. More than 50 years after that decision was made, Karp Associates is leading the manufacturer and distributor of access doors in the world.